Growing an online service-based business seems totally doable…until you get stuck.

You started out freelancing or building your marketing agency because you have brains, drive and ideas—and you know that people out there need your services.

But actually growing your business is…tough. 

While other providers seem to have great clients falling into their laps, you’re busting your ass to get replies from prospects.

And when clients finally sign up, you switch your focus from finding work to doing work.

But then projects end, leads dry up, and it’s like you’re back to square one.

You're on the rollercoaster: a seemingly never-ending ride of highs and lows that leaves you too busy to see the way forward.

White-knuckling your way through these difficult early stages might work.

For real, you wouldn’t have made it this far if you weren’t determined. You’ve got the ambition to keep going and figure things out yourself. 

….but do you want to spend your time browsing online forums, getting advice from freelancers and agency owners who are barely scraping by?

….or watching YouTube videos by ‘gurus’ who never actually sold anything (besides the course they’re trying to enroll you in)?

….or working on stressful projects for clients that expect you to bend over backwards?

And if it doesn’t work out, you’ll spend a whole lot of time asking yourself “what did those other service businesses know that I don’t?

To survive and grow, you need to break the feast-and-famine cycle and create a business that can eventually run itself.

Truth bomb coming... 

You don’t have to spend the next year working 10-hour days and reading self-help books to build a stable, profitable business.

But you do need to make fundamental changes—the kind that many struggling service-based entrepreneurs never figure out alone.

(By the way, the most important change isn’t having the most original business idea, or becoming a marketing genius. But more on that later.)

The game changes when you:

  • Embrace a winning mindset that keeps you moving towards your goals


(…So you can recognize and jump on game-changing opportunities, and handle setbacks without self-doubt slowing you down) 

  • Laser-focus your offers on the needs of a profitable niche audience

(…So your sales and marketing messages are impossible to ignore—and even get clients asking you for the sale)

  • Create a steady, predictable stream of leads every month

(…So you can say “no” to bad projects, optimize your pricing, and start making BANK)

  • Automate and outsource vital processes for sales, project management and client work

(…So you free up your time, scale up your revenue streams, and manage your business like a boss)

Want to put these fundamentals in place and take your business to the next level?

Then you’ll love what’s coming next…

Introducing: Service Business Ballers University

The ONLY mentorship program of its kind that helps you stop struggling and start scaling.

An Exclusive Learning and Mentorship Program for ambitious Freelancers and  Marketing Agency Owners looking to escape the roller coaster of clients and revenues and hit six figures (or more)...

If you’re a solo freelancer, small digital marketing agency, or productized service business owner looking to grow…

And you’re looking to get past the basics like finding a profitable audience, nailing your offer and finding clients...

...and start implementing recurring revenue, building a team, or creating an asset that you can sell one day...

This program and community was hand-crafted for YOU!

We’re here to help you break through your current struggles and become...a Service Business Baller.

The learning materials, mentorship processes, and community program we’ve created has helped our students:

  • Create a system for predictable lead generation
  • Implement recurring revenue
  • Hire a team of outsourced contractors
  • Automate and remove themselves from the day-to-day
  • And turn their businesses into legitimate, sellable assets

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think they need genius-level marketing skills, a huge range of services to sell, or the world’s most original business idea...

As I mentioned earlier, this is far from true.

What you actually need is a system for building your business. 

One that lets you take a simple idea and develop it step-by-step.

Once you have a system in place, you can make sure every action you take brings you one step closer to being a Service Business Baller. 

Like achieving monthly recurring revenue. 

Or removing yourself from the mundane activities associated with your current operation. 

Or building a valuable, sellable asset.

Imagine having a fully documented guide to this system— with all the training, templates, worksheets, networking opportunities, support, and accountability you need to make it come to fruition.

Our program gives you a complete, road-tested system for launching, building, scaling and selling your online service-based business.

Move forward confidently using the step-by-step system that has helped 100+ Agency Owners and Freelancers grow, scale, and sell their service businesses.

Service Business Ballers University will help you launch, build, and automate your business MUCH faster than you could do on your own, with:

  • Our 8-Part training program (including 2 bonus modules) that includes everything the SBBU founders have learned about growing and selling THREE online service-based businesses. Includes videos, scripts, templates, and step-by-step exercises
  • Pre-vetted online service-based business ideas (if you need help launching one from the start)
  • Sales training and client-getting systems to help you implement predictable lead generation and consistent revenue into your business
  • Weekly Q&As to help implement what you're learning and answer questions that you have along the way
  • Added accountability check-ins every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to make sure you are setting goals, getting the help you need, and accomplishing what you need to in order to stay on track with your vision

Students using the SBBU framework are doing some amazing things like...

"30x-ing their results," "adding hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue," and "tripling their leads."

"Helped me increase my earnings 30x." 

-Ryan Mulvihill, CEO - EmailAllStars


"Helped me add hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue." 

-Shash Singh, CEO - Linx Digital Agency


"Helped me triple my leads!"

-Zaine Morgan, CEO - WordBuddy

Who are the guys behind SBBU?

Hey, my name’s Tommy Joiner and I know a thing or two about what it takes to start, build, and sell an online service-based business...

I've been an Entrepreneur for nearly a decade and I first got my start doing business online  (like you) as a solo freelancer.

After I made my first dollar on Upwork many years ago (it was called "Elance" back then), I figured out the freelancing game pretty quick. 

It didn’t take me long to start making five figures per month and really start getting some traction for myself.

Pretty soon though, I realized that by doing project-based work and having to constantly find and sell new customers every month, that the “business” I was building myself wasn’t much of a “business” at all…

Eventually, through a lot of iteration and patience, I discovered how to implement recurring monthly revenue into what I was doing. 

I even built a team to handle the whole process so that I didn’t even have to be involved in the operation :)

Once I figured out how to create something that I would refer to as a legitimate online service-based business, I felt like I had really discovered what it means to be an entrepreneur.

I was making money every month, other people were doing the work, and I didn’t have the stress of dealing with customers, or handling the random day-to-day stuff that I wasn’t interested in.

I had FINALLY created a legitimate asset.

Eventually, I decided to sell the first online service-based business I created (it was a content writing service) and had my first successful EXIT.

I created the Service Business Ballers University to help others achieve what I did (and much more) much faster. 

This is the exact type of program, mentorship, and community that I WISH I had starting out and includes literally everything I've learned along the way, plus what I am still learning now (you have direct access to me inside SBBU).

Enough about me though...who the hell is the other guy involved in the creation of the Service Business Ballers University?

SBBU wouldn't be possible without my man, Ben McAdam.

While I was building my last business (before I sold it), I needed some help with, well, I needed help making more money. 

Through a chance introduction by way of a mutual friend, I was introduced to a "Profits Coach" from Australia...

After one phone call, Ben helped me increase the bottom-line of my content writing service by more than 20%!

Since our first interaction and the time we spent working together during my last business, Ben and I stayed in touch. He helped me with a number of things and is one of the main reasons I was able to position myself for a successful exit.

Throughout his more than decade long career as an Entrepreneur, Ben has sold TWO online service-based businesses and helped dozens of other business owners MASSIVELY increase their profitability.

Ben and I decided to join forces to create Service Business Ballers University to help other online service-based business owners because we know the information we have is unique & valuable. 

And more importantly, because we’re both REALLY passionate about helping others.

Between the two of us, we’ve sold three businesses, & consulted for, coached, and mentored more than 4,000 other online service-based business owners.

Service Business Ballers University is the #1 community for service-based business owners who want to reach six figures (or more).

Growing and learning is much easier when you can do it with ambitious people on a similar journey to yours.

That’s why we created SBBU with a private online community exclusively for our students. 

The community is valuable and supportive, providing our students with an unbelievable sense of community that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

It’s also where you’ll be able to get help with any issue you’re struggling with from the founders who have been where you are and can help you get where you're trying to go. 

Tommy and Ben are in the community every day to answer your questions, along with other students who enjoy discussing challenges and wins.

Who else is waiting for you inside of Service Business Ballers University?

Meet some of your classmates...

SBBU is full of Freelancers and Agency Owners from a variety of backgrounds, countries and industries.

But the one thing they all have in common is that they’re totally committed to kicking ass in their businesses—just like you are (we hope)!

Here’s just a few of the students you’ll meet when you enroll in SBBU...

Dan Rumbauskas, Web Design & Marketing Agency Owner

Dan runs a successful Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in New Jersey.

Dan's main reason for enrolling as a student in SBBU was to streamline his service offerings a little bit and implement more recurring revenue into his business.

He's launched a new site focused on offering a very specific set of services to small law firms around the USA.

Through the support, mentorship, and learning material provided in SBBU, Dan has gotten clarity around his new offer, implemented a new lead generation system, started gaining more customers, and added more recurring revenue to his business.

Josh Sabourin, SEO & Link Outreach Agency Owner

Josh use to run some affiliate sites back in the day and has since made the transition to starting a link building service.

Upon enrolling as a student at SBBU, Josh didn't have a clear direction for the packages he was selling or where he really wanted to take his business.

During his time at SBBU, Josh has successfully created a solid and vetted offer (Josh learned how to do this with our framework)  for his business and implemented one of the lead generation strategies taught at the University.

Tom Ludlow, Video and Motion Design Agency Owner

Tom and his wife Lindsay signed up for SBBU with the intention to streamline their operations, implement recurring revenue into their business, and figure out how to outsource more of the high-end work they've been winning to vetted freelancers.

Over the course of just a couple months as students in SBBU, Tom and Lindsay have successfully replaced themselves from a ton of the fulfillment they were doing in the past. They also won a five-figure bid for a project specifically because the client that chose to work with them was so impressed with the way they learned to package their service offerings (which they learned how to do right here at SBBU!).

There are dozens more Freelancers and Agency Owners with a variety of service offerings waiting to connect with, help, and support you at SBBU!

What can you expect to find once you’re enrolled in SBBU?

Service Business Ballers University is all about support from Day 1...

And, of course, well after you sign up, we continue to provide you with the assistance you need to achieve your business goals...

And when you have complex, difficult questions that only other service business owners understand...

You'll get support from the founders...

In addition to your fellow students...

And of course, when you implement and take action, you get WINS...

Whether it's closing deals...

Or hiring contractors...

We got your back!

SBBU students are absolutely KILLING it!

From launching brand new online service-based businesses, to scaling beyond 6-figures, hiring a team, and automating their operations entirely...

Life is good when you have the right information from credible mentors, the strong support of a like-minded community, and added accountability!

Enrolling as a student in Service Business Ballers University is the best choice you'll make if you...

  • Understand the importance of having an online service-based business that generates predictable monthly revenue but haven't found a place that provides you with the resources which teach you how to do it

  • Want to be part of a place where you can ask for feedback without feeling judged or pressured

  • Have done a good job with your business so far, but you crave the best environment to help you grow or scale

  • Want to be able to get help on everything from structuring your service offering, scaling your sales, building out your team, or preparing your business for a sale

It doesn't matter whether you’re a solo freelancer just embarking on scaling up your business for the first time, have a marketing agency already, or if you’re  at more of an advanced stage with your online service-based business.

SBBU is suitable for business owners at various stages of their business journey - and that's what makes this place so special.

Think of SBBU as your secret weapon in a world full of fledgling freelancers and marketing agencies with no clear blueprint for escaping the rollercoaster...

With help from SBBU, you won’t have to resort to doing custom work and dealing with nightmare clients.

Once you understand some of the basic SBBU values and how to implement them into your current operations, things get way easier.

What makes SBBU different to other courses and programs?

There are tons of courses and programs about how to build and scale a marketing agency or freelancing business...

But almost NONE of those programs were created by founders that have actually built and sold online service-based businesses in the past.

In addition, pretty much everything else out there for a program like this starts at a price point of $3K just to get access to a half-ass course and a private Facebook group that has no engagement or real interaction.

We made the entry point for this program a reasonable monthly fee in order to make it a no-brainer for you to sign up.

In addition to legit price point and the amazing program we've created, we decided to take the community and mentorship component of what we're doing seriously. Our private FB group has massive value and exclusive resources dropped in daily.

Our Weekly Q&A calls are an incredible source of individually tailored assistance and the accountability component that we've added to the SBBU cannot be found anywhere else.

This program was put together by founders who care about their students' success rates and want to do everything they can to help you succeed.

Here's what you get once you join...

  • 1-on-1 On-boarding and SBBU New Student Welcome Call

  • Weekly Q&A Calls and Group Study

  • 24/7 Support in the Private SBBU FB Group

  • EXCLUSIVE Access to the SBBU Core Curriculum with 8 Core Modules (and 2 Advanced Study BONUS Options)

  • Powerful Community and Networking Opportunities with VETTED and Like-Minded Students

  • A Weekly Accountability Framework (to Make Sure You Stay on Track)

  • Exclusive Mentorship by the SBBU Founders

Getting quality advice and support as a service-based business owners isn't easy these days. So it feels so good to confidently say we've created a place where you can access the experts you need to talk to on a regular basis.

At SBBU, our students often collaborate, ask each other for advice, build life-long friendships and end up hiring each other.

When credible founders and amazing students have your back, it makes it really hard to fail.

SUPERCHARGE your skills with the SBBU Core Curriculum!

A step-by-step learning system which teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know to build a service business (the SBBU way!).

  • 1


    • Welcome Video
    • New Student Questionnaire
    • Q&A Call Calendar
    • Resource: time management
  • 2

    Module 1: Your Service Idea

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Set a Launch Date
    • Optional: How to Come Up with a Service Idea
    • Resource: Service Ideas
  • 3

    Module 2: Defining Your Customer Avatar and Target Market

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Customer Avatar
    • Resource: Customer Avatar and Outreach
  • 4

    Module 3: Structuring your service offering

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Margins
    • Structuring
    • Flowcharts and Models
    • Limitations
    • Guarantees
    • Resource: Proposal software and templates
  • 5

    Module 4: Making Your First Sale (and Idea Validation) and Beyond

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Prime Profiles for Success
    • Build your network
    • First 100 leads
    • Get the first sale
    • Build momentum
    • Resource: quick friends/family lead-generating email template
    • Resource: quick intro strategy / referral request email template
    • Resource: cold email tips and templates
    • Resource: social profile optimisation checklist
    • Resource: Discovery call format
    • Resource: template initial beta offer email
    • Resource: Sales Call Framework
    • Resource: old leads followup message
  • 6

    Module 5: Hiring your first contractor (and basic team-building)

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Hiring process overview
    • Defining the role
    • Structuring the arrangement
    • Writing job ads and reviewing submissions
    • Test projects
    • Interviewing and selection
    • Onboarding
    • Trial period evaluation
    • Resource: How to write an enticing job post
    • Resource: Application form information
    • Resource: Sample work request email
    • Resource: Hired vs not hired email templates
    • Resource: Sample agreement
    • Resource: Hiring a Panel for irregular work
    • Resource: Where to post a job
  • 7

    Module 6: Setting up website, apps, and processes

    • Intro
    • Principles
    • Business name and logo
    • Websites
    • Processes
    • Software
    • Resource: Name generators
    • Resource: Service Provider Pro Guide
    • Resource: Trademarks and Intellectual Property
  • 8

    Module 7: Customer retention (CRUSHING it for your clients)

    • Crushing it for your clients
  • 9

    Module 8: Setting up a basic financial structure for your business

    • Setting up a basic financial structure for your business
    • Resource: Accountants, lawyers and other professionals
    • Resource: Bank accounts and taking payment
    • Resource: If your customers pay late
    • Resource: failed payments protocol
  • 10

    BONUS: Building a business that runs without you

    • BONUS MODULE: Building a Business that Runs Without You
  • 11

    BONUS: The "build to sell" checklist

    • BONUS MODULE: The "Build to Sell" Checklist

There are 4 main ways to learn at Service Business Ballers University

  • Group Study Sessions – Every week there are two weekly Q&A calls that cater to whatever timezone you’re in. On these calls, you get direct access to the founders of the program to ask them whatever’s on your mind and get direct assistance with what's going on in your business.

  • The Private Community – Our main communication platform and where you will get the most value participating is in our private FB Group. Inside the group, you will be asked to participate in our weekly accountability format and you also have the opportunity to post questions and receive feedback 24/7 directly from the founders and other vetted SBBU students.

  • The SBBU Curriculum – A step-by-step learning program taking you from 0 to scaling your online service-based business to six or seven figures. The content in this program comes directly from the founders' combined experience building and selling THREE companies. This content is updated dynamically and as long as you have access to the group, you have access to the content library material.

  • The University Library – Additional trainings and weekly recordings of the Q&As are added to the content library on a regular basis. In addition to the core material that you ‘ll find in the SBBU Curriculum modules, you get cutting-edge information and updates about lead gen., sales, and operational strategies to grow your online service-based business.

Sign Up TODAY to unlock SBBU enrollment BONUSES!

Over $2,000 Worth of FREE Enrollment Gifts When You Join NOW

  • 1-on-1 "SBBU Private Tutoring Session" ($997 Value)

    For a limited time, when you enroll in Service Business Ballers University, in addition to your initial on-boarding call, you get a free one-on-one tutoring and strategy session with one of the program founders to be cashed in on whenever you'd like. These are the same calls we provide to our high-end consulting clients (and charge almost $1,000 per hour for), yours FREE when you enroll today.

  • Advanced Study: "How to Build to Sell" ($497 Value)

    "A sellable business is a good business." That's our philosophy at SBBU. Everything we teach within the University is based on this premise and in the Advanced Study module, we pull back the curtains on everything you need to know in order to understand what it really takes to build a sellable business.

  • Advanced Study: "Building a Business that Runs Without You" ($497 Value)

    In order to build a business that TRULY allows you to achieve your dream lifestyle, it needs to be an operation that runs without you. In this bonus module, we teach you everything you need to know in order to create a service business that allows you to achieve the freedom you read about in the "4-Hour Work Week" when you started this journey way back when!

Enroll NOW and get IMMEDIATE access to Service Business Ballers University

Choose from Annual or Installment Payment Options:

  • $1,497.00 / year

    Annual Admission (25% OFF)

    Join Now
  • 4 Installments of $499.25

    Standard Admission ($1997)

    Join Now


  • 1. Do I get ongoing support?

    ● Yes! As a paying member, you will have access to weekly Q&As FOREVER (as long as you're enrolled).
    ● You’ll also have real-time support where you can ask questions and have answers provided to you in the “SBBU” Private Facebook Community.
    ● You get access to the FREE resources and 24/7 support that you receive with the Private FB Community.
    ● Included as well is a searchable (dynamically updated) Q&A database where you can get access to any question and answer – you get access to this forever!

  • 2. What other costs are involved?

    ● Depending on the tuition option you select, payments are made monthly or bi-annually.
    ● Once you join the “SBBU” you’ll have everything you need to create your own Service-Based Business. Costs for software and marketing moving forward depend on your preference.
    ● One-one-one coaching for more in-depth and hands-on training is available at an additional cost but it’s 100% optional.

    Here are the tools/software/ websites we use within the program:
    ● Gmail – FREE
    ● Google Docs- FREE
    ● Zoom – FREE
    ● Boomerang – FREE
    ● Active Campaign – FREE
    ● Calendly – FREE
    ● PayPal – FREE
    ● Stripe – FREE
    ● Service Provide Pro – OPTIONAL ($49/ Month)

    *You don’t have to use the paid project management software that we recommend in the program and there are some free options available, which we go over in the program. Ultimately, you have some flexibility when deciding how to setup and manage your own operations.

  • 3. How can I get my specific questions answered?

    ● There is be a Community Manager in the Private Facebook group that makes sure every question is answered.
    ● Additional group members jump in often to make sure everyone’s concerns are taken care of.
    ● When you post a question in the group, you can expect a response within a maximum of 24 hours (usually much sooner). Our team is not active in the group on weekends (we believe in work/ life balance!).

  • 4. Will I receive the program in the mail?

    ● You will not receive this program in the mail. "SBBU” is strictly an online program. You will be directed to a Thank You page when you submit your payment where you can create your login and immediately access the program within the membership area of our website.

  • 5. How long do I have access to the content?

    ● Once you sign up and pay, you will have access to all of the SBBU content as long as you are a paying student.
    ● The modules of the curriculum are dynamically updated and will adjust over time to make sure you have the most up to date information possible.

  • 6. Does this work in my country?

    ● Yes, one of the most amazing things about building an online service-based business is that your location does not matter. You are able to acquire and serve clients and customers all around the world.
    ● Although some countries are easier than others. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use this process to build a Freelancing Business in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and everywhere in between!

  • 7. How far apart are the payment plans spaced?

    ● The current payment options are annual or 4 monthly installments. Depends on the option you select for paying tuition.

  • 8. Do you accept PayPal?

    ● Yes, you can pay with Paypal. Just click on the Paypal button on the order page.

  • 9. When do I get access?

    ● After signing up, you will get your login details for the “SBBU Curriculum” immediately. Your SBBU rep will then reach out and get you added to the Private FB Group as well.

  • 10. If I don’t have money, can you let me in for free?

    ● We have tons of free content that we can share with you.
    ● You can join our FREE Facebook group for more resources.
    ● Unfortunately, we can’t let you access the “SBBU” program for free 🙁

  • 11. How much time will it take?

    ● SBBU is a program meant to last as long as you need it. Some students stay with us for 6 months and some stay much longer depending on where they are at in their business and the help they need.

  • 12. Can I do this with a fulltime job?

    ● Yes, in fact, many of the students in this program have a full-time job (or a business already) and build their online service-based business on the side .
    ● Keep in mind that it does take A LOT of determination and dedication to achieve your goals. You won’t achieve success in this program, or any other if you don’t show up with a good attitude ready to put in work!

  • 13. Do I have to cold call?

    ● No! You don’t have to cold call. Using the techniques that we layout in our course, we teach you how to implement a lot of strategies for sales that are much more organic and much more effective than simply hitting up random people and asking them to buy things from you.
    ● If you want to implement some cold calling into your sales strategy, we don’t discourage it. In the program, you’ll learn some techniques that we recommend when it comes to cold outreach in general.

  • 14. What’s up with the 100% money-back guarantee?

    ● If you don’t get results following the methods that are taught in this program and are unable to launch a successful service-based business using the methods we teach, I will refund your money 100%!
    ● The only caveat is that you must be actively engaged in implementing the material from the program and have proof that you are implementing what you are being taught.

  • 15. Is this program for me?

    ● This program is great for Freelancers who are looking to transition their current project-based workflow approach into a legitimate business that runs without them.
    ● This program is also amazing for complete beginners looking to figure out a way to make money online for the first-time. The major advantage for beginners is that in the program, we teach you many things that will allow you to completely bypass some of the hurdles that many Freelancers face while starting out.

  • 16. Who is this NOT for?

    ● If you are looking for a way to “get rich quick”, this program isn’t for you. Executing on the material we teach within "SBBU” takes a lot of effort. Don’t sign up for this program if you’re not ready to put in the work it takes to be successful.
    ● If you’re a higher-level business owner looking for some more next level strategies or you’re interested in putting together a custom plan for preparing for an exit and selling your company, then our one-on-one coaching/ consulting options might be a better fit for you. You can check out the options we have for those programs and the payment plans here.

  • 17. What currency is this in?

    ● We only accept US dollars at this time.

  • 18. Can I speak to current members?

    ● Yes, absolutely! Once you join the program, you’ll have direct access to the cohort of students who you begin the begin the program at the same time as you. Within the Facebook Group, you’ll have direct access to other members and are encouraged to connect outside of the program as well (in person meetups highly recommended when feasible!).

  • 19. I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

    ● Head directly to the paid Facebook Community, post your questions or comments, and you’ll receive feedback ASAP.

  • 20. Is this available forever?

    ● No, this is a limited time offer. The sooner you sign up for "SBBU"”, the better chance you have at building a successful business before the offer expires.